We are committed to delivering an accessible service across the whole of the

London Borough of Southwark.

On this page you'll find referral information for partners and additional information about our approach.


Referral into the service is simple and we do not require a complicated referral process, although there is a referral form to use if you would prefer.


We are committed to building strong partnerships across the whole Borough to ensure that our service users get all the support that they require.

Please do get in touch as we would welcome any conversations about how we can work together to support our service users and the Borough.



Our Approach



As there are no barriers to entry into the service, there are no specific referral requirements.


A simple phone call, fax or email via the secure email address can start the process.

However, we also welcome the use of a referral form if that is your preference.


The referral form has completable fields, so you are able to fill it out on a computer, save it (using the client's name) and email it back to our email address  If you have a secure email address yourself, you can also email it to our secure email address –


Alternatively, you can print and return it to Cambridge House, 1 Addington Square, London, SE5 0HF or fax it to 020 7701 7792.




Cambridge House is also be open access and anyone can drop in within opening hours.


We are committed to building strong partnerships across the whole Borough to ensure that our service users get

all the support that they require.

If you would like to discuss any kind of joint working, please get in touch.  We are particularly interested in:

•   Establishing clear and robust care and referral pathways


•   Offering our premises to any partner wanting to deliver support to our service



•   Running regular drop in support sessions at your location for your service users


•   Mutual staff training


•   Running activities and projects with service users


•   Running drug and alcohol prevention and education work


•   Any other joint working initiatives


Our Approach

Our approach to working with users of the service is:

Strength Based


we know that everyone has strengths that can help them to achieve a full and sustainable recovery or change. This means that we want to work with people to identify all skills and strengths and to recognise all the positive things going on in peoples’ lives whilst continuing to help support people to deal with difficult issues.


Change and Recovery Orientated


We believe that anyone dealing with challenges to do with their drugs and/or alcohol use has the potential

to recover or change.




We know that people’s challenges with drug and/or alcohol are not separate from what is happening in the rest of their lives. This is one reason why we have such a strong focus on partnership working, as we are keen to work with anyone who can provide another element of support for our client group.

Housing and employment services are clear examples of this, but we are also interested in working collaboratively and creatively with anyone who can offer our service users support and who we can provide support to in return.


Proactive for the whole family


Our whole family approach means that as well as working directly with families and carers, we will also involve the

family in the recovery and change process, if that is what they want. We run activities designed especially for families and carers such as Parenting Support Groups, workshops and family outings.



We have a range of printed leaflets and materials available from the service or can be downloaded from here.




Overview service leaflet

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